Sunday, August 29, 2021

New Music Friday - August 27, 2021

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Big Red Machine - How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?

Watch: "The Ghost of Cincinnati"
Watch: "Latter Days" (featuring Anaïs Mitchell)
Halsey - If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power

Watch: "I am not a woman, I am a god"
Watch: "Bells in Sante Fe"
Indigo De Souza - Any Shape You Take

Watch: "Hold U"
Watch: "Kill Me"
Madi Diaz - A History of Feeling

Watch: "Woman in My Heart"
Watch: "New Person, Old Place"
Nite Jewel - No Sun

Watch: "This Time"
Listen: "Before I Go"

Other Full-Length Releases

a l l i e - Tabula Rasa

Watch: "Clean Sight" (with Casey MQ)
Watch: "Coop"

Belly - See You Next Wednesday

Watch: "Die for It" (Featuring The Weeknd & Nas)
Watch: "Zero Love" (Moneybagg Yo)

Breeze - Only Up

Watch: "Come Around" (featuring Cadence Weapon)
Watch: "Let It In"

The Bug - Fire

Watch: "Pressure" (featuring Flowdan)
Listen: "Clash" (featuring Logan)

Chvrches - Screen Violence

Watch: "How Not to Drown " (featuring Robert Smith)
Watch: "Good Girls"

Florry - Big Fall

Watch: "You Don’t Know"
Listen: "Everyone I Love You"

Marisa Anderson/William Tyler - Lost Futures

Listen: "At the Edge of the World"
Listen: "Hurricane Light"

Men I Trust - Untourable Album

Listen: "Sugar"
Listen: "Lifelong Song"

Steve Gunn - Other You

Watch: "Reflection"
Watch: "Other You"

Turnstile - Glow On

Watch: "ALIEN LOVE CALL" (featuring Blood Orange)

Water from Your Eyes - Structure

Watch: "Track Five"
Listen: "When You’re Around"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

New Music Friday - August 13, 2021

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Boldy James & The Alchemist - Bo Jackson

Watch: "Drug Zone"
Watch: "First 48 Freestyle"
Devendra Banhart & Noah Georgeson - Refuge

Watch: "In a Cistern"/"Into Clouds"
Watch: "A Cat & Aran in Repose"
Ka - A Martyr’s Reward

Watch: "I Notice"
Listen: "I Need All That"
Wednesday - Twin Plagues

Watch: "One More Last One"
Watch: "How Can You Live If You Can’t Love How Can You If You Do"

Other Full-Length Releases

A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Pono

Listen: "Beat Up Shoes"
Listen: "Hit Reset"

The Killers - Pressure Machine

Watch: "Quiet Town"
Watch: "Dustland" (featuring Bruce Springsteen)

Pet Symmetry - Future Suits

Watch: "2021: A Personal Space Odyssey"
Listen: "Pet Sympathy"

Quicksand - Distant Populations

Watch: "Missile Command"
Watch: "Inversion"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Chain Cult - "We’re Not Alone"/"Always a Mess"

Watch: "We’re Not Alone"

Lizzo - Rumors

Watch: "Rumors"

Saturday, August 7, 2021

New Music Friday - July 23, 2021

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Bardo - Everywhere Reminds Me of Space

Listen: "NEW DAY"
Dave - We’re All Alone in This Together

Watch: "Clash" (featuring Stormzy)
Listen: "Survivor’s Guilt"
Gavin Turek - Madame Gold

Watch: "HERO"
Leon Bridges - Gold-Diggers Sound

Watch: "Motorbike"
Watch: "Why Don’t You Touch Me: Part 1"
Molly Burch - Romantic Images

Watch: "Control"
Watch: "Heart of Gold"

Other Full-Length Releases

Alexis Marshall - House of Lull . House of When

Watch: "Hounds in the Abyss"
Watch: "Open Mouth"

Anika - Change

Watch: "Change"
Watch: "Finger Pies"

Cafuné - Running

Watch: "Talk"
Watch: "Tek It"

Darkside - Spiral

Listen: "Lawmaker"
Listen: "The Limit"

Mega Bog - Life, and Another

Watch: "Station to Station"
Watch: "Weight of the Earth, on Paper"

Ora The Molecule - Human Safari

Watch: "Die to Be a Butterfly"
Watch: "The Ball"

Piroshka - Love Drips and Gathers

Watch: "Scratching at the Lid"
Watch: "V.O."

Upper Wilds - Venus

Watch: "Love Song #2"
Listen: "Love Song #8"

yes/and - yes/and

Watch: "Ugly Orange"
Listen: "Centered Shell"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Information_Age - Information_Age

Watch: "We Were Alive"
Listen: "Borrowed Time"

May the Circle Remain Unbroken: A Tribute to Roky Erickson

Watch: Jeff Tweedy - "For You (I’d Do Anything)"
Listen: Neko Case - "Be and Bring Me Home"

Samia - Scout

Watch: "Show Up"
Watch: "As You Are"

shame - Born in Luton Remixes

Listen: "Born in Luton" (Maximum Security (Austin Brown/Parquet Courts) Remix)
Listen: "Born in Luton" (Glows Remix)

Woods - More Strange

Watch: "Waiting Around for a New Me"
Listen: "Can’t See at All"

New Music Friday - July 30, 2021

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Essential Full-Length Releases

The Halluci Nation - One More Saturday Night

Watch: "Remember 01" (featuring John Trudell & Black Bear)
Watch: "Stay" (featuring Antoine, Tom Power, & Chippewa Travellers)
LUMP - Animal

Watch: "Animal"
Watch: "Climb Every Wall"
Prince - Welcome 2 America

Watch: "Welcome 2 America"
Watch: "Hot Summer"
Sam Mehran - Cold Brew

Watch: "COLD BREW"
Watch: "LOUNGY"
Yola - Stand for Myself

Watch: "Stand for Myself"
Watch: "Starlight"

Other Full-Length Releases

Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever

Watch: "Your Power"
Watch: "Therefore I Am"

Bleachers - Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night

Watch: "Stop Making This Hurt"
Watch: "Chinatown" (featuring Bruce Springsteen)

Horsey - Debonair

Watch: "Seahorse" (featuring King Krule)
Watch: "Lagoon"

Isaiah Rashad - The House Is Burning

Watch: "Wat U Sed" (featuring Doechii & Kal Banx)
Listen: "Lay Wit Ya" (featuring Duke Deuce)

koleżanka - Place Is

Watch: "7th St/7th Ave"
Watch: "In a Meeting"

Skirts - Great Big Wild Oak

Watch: "Always"
Watch: "Swim"

TORRES - Thirstier

Watch: "Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head"
Watch: "Hug from a Dinosaur"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Deb Never - Where Have All the Flowers Gone

Watch: "Disassociate"
Watch: "Sorry"

Minimata (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Listen: Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Commitment"
Listen: Ryuichi Sakamoto - "One Single Voice" (featuring Katherine Jenkins)

My Idea - That’s My Idea

Watch: "Stay Away Still / That’s My Idea"

Olivia Dean - Growth

Watch: "Slowly"
Watch: "Be My Own Boyfriend"

Outkast - ATLiens: 25th Anniversary Edition

Watch: "ATLiens"
Watch: "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik"

Parquet Courts - American Specialties Reissue

Listen: "college chess circuit"
Listen: "her boyfriend’s band"

Shirley Collins - Crowlink

Watch: "My Sailor Boy"
Listen: "The Rose and the Briar"

Skepta - ALL In

Watch: "Nirvana" (featuring J Balvin)
Listen: "Eyes on Me"