Sunday, March 31, 2024

New Music Friday - March 22, 2024

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Adrianne Lenker - Bright Future

Watch: "sadness as a gift"
Watch: "fool"
Empress Of - For Your Consideration

Watch: "Femenine"
Watch: "For Your Consideration"
Jlin - Akoma

Listen: "The Precision of Infinity" (featuring Philip Glass)
Listen: "Eye Am"
Julia Holter - Something in the Room She Moves

Watch: "Spinning"
Watch: "Evening Mood"
Waxahatchee - Tigers Blood

Watch: "Right Back to It" (featuring MJ Lenderman)
Watch: "365"

Other Full-Length Releases

Cakes Da Killa - Svengali

Watch: "Mind Reader" (featuring Stout)
Watch: "Svengali"


Watch: "Lovers’ Leap"
Watch: "Balu"

Francis of Delirium - Lighthouse

Watch: "Blue Tuesday"
Watch: "Give It Back to Me"

Gary Clark Jr. - JPEG RAW

Watch: "JPEG RAW"
Watch: "This Is Who We Are" (featuring Naala)

Gossip - Real Power

Watch: "Crazy Again"
Watch: "Real Power"

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Glasgow Eyes

Watch: "Chemical Animal"
Watch: "jamcod"

Magic Tuber Stringband - Needlefall

Listen: "Needlefall"
Listen: "Twelfth House"

Matt Champion - Mika’s Laundry

Watch: "Slow Motion" (with JENNIE)
Watch: "Dogfish"

Restorations - Restorations

Listen: "Field Recordings"
Listen: "Charm"

Rosie Tucker - UTOPIA NOW

Watch: "All My Exes Live in Vortexes"
Watch: "Paperclip Maximizer"

Sam Evian - Plunge

Watch: "Wild Days"
Watch: "Rollin’ In"

SiR - Heavy

Watch: "HEAVY"
Watch: "YOU"

The Staves - All Now

Watch: "All Now"
Watch: "I Don’t Say It, But I Feel It"

ZOMBI - Direct Inject

Listen: "The Post-Atomic Horror"
Listen: "Direct Inject"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Maynard James Keenan - Cinquanta

Wild Pink - Strawberry Eraser

Listen: "Unconcious Pilot"
Listen: "Air Drumming Fix You"

Wye Oak - Shriek: Variations

Listen: "Shriek" (Variation)
Listen: "Logic of Color" (Variation)

Saturday, March 30, 2024

New Music Friday - March 29, 2024

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Essential Full-Length Releases


Watch: "16 CARRIAGES"
Chastity Belt - Live Laugh Love

Watch: "Hollow"
Watch: "I-90 Bridge"
Chicano Batman - Notebook Fantasy

Watch: "Fly"
Watch: "Era Primavera"
h. pruz - No Glory

Watch: "I Keep Changing"
Watch: "Hurting"

Other Full-Length Releases

Dent May - What’s for Breakfast

Watch: "Coasting on Fumes" (featuring Jordana)
Watch: "Time Flies When You’re Having Fun" (featuring Pearl & The Oysters)

Gesaffelstein - GAMMA

Watch: "The perfect"
Watch: "Digital slaves"

The High Llamas - Hey Panda

Watch: "Hey Panda"
Watch: "Sisters Friends" (featuring Rae Morris)

RIDE - Interplay

Watch: "Peace Sign"
Watch: "Last Frontier"

Secret Sisters - Mind, Man, Medicine

Watch: "All the Ways" (featuring Ray LaMontagne)
Watch: "Paperweight"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

A Perfect Circle, Primus, & Puscifer - Sessanta E.P.P.P.

Listen: "No Angel"
Listen: "Pablo’s Hippos"

Shabazz Palaces - Exotic Birds of Prey

Watch: "Angela" (featuring Stas THEE Boss & Irene Barber)
Watch: "Take Me to Your Leader" (featuring Lavarr the Starr)

Sunday, March 10, 2024

New Music Friday - March 1, 2024

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Everything Everything - Mountainhead

Watch: "Cold Reactor"
Watch: "The Mad Stone"
Faye Webster - Underdressed at the Symphony

Watch: "Lego Ring" (featuring Lil Yachty)
Watch: "Feeling Good Today"
Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven

Watch: "I Don’t Know You"
Watch: "Sometimes"
Schoolboy Q - Blue Lips

Watch: "Blueslides"
Watch: "Back n Love" (featuring Devin Malik)
Sheer Mag - Playing Favorites

Watch: "Playing Favorites"
Watch: "Moonstruck"

Other Full-Length Releases

Ben Frost - Scope Neglect

Watch: "Tritium Bath"
Watch: "Turning the Prism"

Bleachers - Bleachers

Watch: "Alma Mater"
Watch: "Tiny Moves"

BrhyM - Deep Sea Vents

Listen: "Deep Sea Vents"
Listen: "The Wild Whaling Life"

Jahari Massamba Unit - YHWH Is Love

Watch: "Otis’ Tambourine"

Jimmy Montague - Tomorrow’s Coffee

Listen: "Here Today (Without You Tomorrow)"
Listen: "Tell You That You’re Right"

Kaiser Chiefs - Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album

Watch: "Feeling Alright"
Watch: "Jealousy"

lake j - Dizzy

Watch: "My Own Mess"
Watch: "Often My Mind"

Liam Gallagher & John Squire - Liam Gallagher / John Squire

Watch: "Raise Your Hands"
Watch: "Just Another Rainbow"

Yard Act - Where’s My Utopia?

Watch: "Dream Job"
Watch: "Petroleum"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Fontaines D.C. x Massive Attack x Young Fathers - Ceasefire

Julien Chang - Home for the Moment

Watch: "Home for the Moment"
Watch: "Looking at People"

Sheherazaad - Qasr

Watch: "Mashoor"
Listen: "Dhund Lo Muhje"

Thundercat - Apocalypse 10th Anniversary

Watch: "Walkin’"
Listen: "Tenfold"