Sunday, June 26, 2022

New Music Friday - June 17, 2022

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Bartees Strange - Farm to Table

Watch: "Cosigns"
Watch: "Wretched"
Hercules & Love Affair - In Amber

Watch: "Poisonous Storytelling"
Watch: "Grace"
Perfume Genius - Ugly Season

Watch: "Pop Song"
Watch: "Eye in the Wall"
Yaya Bey - Remember Your North Star

Watch: "keisha"
Watch: "fxck it then"

Watch: "RUNNITUP" (featuring Myia Thornton)

Other Full-Length Releases

Alanis Morissette - the storm before the calm

Listen: "light—the lightworker’s lament"
Listen: "safety—empath in paradise"

Anteloper - Pink Dolphins

Watch: "Earthlings"
Watch: "One Living Genus"

Drake - Honestly, Nevermind

Watch: "Falling Back"
Watch: "Jimmy Cooks" (featuring 21 Savage)

Flasher - Love Is Yours

Watch: "Love Is Yours"
Watch: "Sideways"

Foals - Life Is Yours

Watch: "2AM"
Watch: "Looking High"

Fresh Pepper - Fresh Pepper

Listen: "Prep Cook in the Weeds"
Listen: "Congee Around Me"

Logic - Vinyl Days

Listen: "Vinyl Days" (featuring DJ Premier)
Listen: "Quasi"

Pet Fox - A Face in Your Life

Watch: "Only Warning"
Listen: "A Face in Your Life"

Revelatory Sound System - Revelators

Watch: "George the Revelator"
Watch: "Grieving"

Sound of Ceres - Emerald Sea

Watch: "Arm of Golden Flame"
Watch: "The Fawn"

Spencer Krug - Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty One

Listen: "How We Have to Live"
Listen: "Slipping In and Out of the Pool"

TV Priest - My Other People

Watch: "Bury Me in My Shoes"
Watch: "It Was a Gift"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars 50th Anniversary

Watch: "Starman"
Listen: "Ziggy Stardust"

Hazel English - Summer Nights

Watch: "Summer Nights"
Watch: "All Dressed Up"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Soundtrack

Listen: Raekwon & Ghostface Killah - "We Ain’t Come to Lose"
Listen: Mike Patton - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme"

Tirzah - Highgrade

Listen: "Beating" (Tone Remix)
Listen: "Colourgrade" (Arca Vortex Remix)