Sunday, January 28, 2024

New Music Friday - January 26, 2024

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Fabiano de Nascimento & Sam Gendel - The Room

Listen: "Foi Boto"
Listen: "Poeira"
Katy Kirby - Blue Raspberry

Watch: "Table"
Watch: "Party of the Century"
TORRES - What an enormous room

Watch: "Collect"
Watch: "I got the fear"

Other Full-Length Releases

Future Islands - People Who Aren’t There Anymore

Watch: "The Tower"
Watch: "The Fight"

The Smile - Wall of Eyes

Watch: "Wall of Eyes"
Watch: "Friend of a Friend"

Ty Segall - Three Bells

Watch: "My Room"
Watch: "Eggman"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Anna Calvi - Peaky Blinders: Season 5 & 6 (Original Score)

Watch: "Black Tuesday"
Watch: "Miquelon"

DāM-FunK - Out the Way

Listen: "Escape"
Listen: "Wipe Your Tears"

Emily Yacina - "Nothing Lasts"/"Trick of the Light"

Watch: "Nothing Lasts"
Watch: "Trick of the Light"

Militarie Gun - Life Under the Sun

Watch: "My Friends Are Having a Hard Time" (featuring Manchester Orchestra)
Watch: "Very High (Under the Sun)"

Saturday, January 20, 2024

New Music Friday - October 13, 2023

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Essential Full-Length Releases

CMAT - Crazymad, for Me

Watch: "Whatever’s Inconvenient"
Watch: "Have Fun!"
Jamila Woods - Water Made Us

Watch: "Tiny Garden"
Watch: "Boomerang"
L’Rain - I Killed Your Dog

Watch: "Pet Rock"
Watch: "r(EMOTE)"
MIKE - Burning Desire

Watch: "Burning Desire"
Watch: "What U Say U Are"
Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

Watch: "Rush"
Watch: "Got Me Started"

Other Full-Length Releases

Allah-Las - Zuma 85

Watch: "Right on Time"
Watch: "The Stuff"

The Drums - Jonny

Watch: "Better"
Watch: "I Want It All"

Faith Healer - The Hand That Fits the Glove

Watch: "The Game"
Listen: "The Hand That Fits the Glove"

Helena Deland - Goodnight Summerland

Watch: "Bright Green Vibrant Grey"
Watch: "Strawberry Moon"

Jenn Champion - The Last Night of Sadness

Watch: "Famous"
Watch: "Jessica"

Land of Talk - Performances

Watch: "Your Beautiful Self"
Watch: "Pwintiques"

Maple Glider - I Get into Trouble

Watch: "Dinah"
Watch: "Don’t Kiss Me"

Margo Price - Strays II

Watch: "Black Wolf Blues"
Watch: "Mind Travel"

Metric - Formentera II

Watch: "Just the Once"
Watch: "Nothing Is Perfect"

Milliseconds - So This Is How It Happens

Watch: "Time and Distance"
Watch: "Fallingwater"

Offset - Set It Off

Watch: "Say My Grace" (featuring Travis Scott)
Watch: "FAN"

Onyon - Last Days on Earth

Listen: "I Would Like to Eat the Newspaper"
Listen: "O.U.T."

Spencer Krug - I Just Drew This Knife

Watch: "Love Song"
Watch: "Cry All Day"

Squirrel Flower - Tomorrow’s Fire

Watch: "Full Time Job"
Watch: "When a Plant Is Dying"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

The Big Moon - Here Is Everything Deluxe Edition

Watch: "Wide Eyes"
Watch: "Trouble"

boygenius - the rest

Watch: "Black Hole"
Watch: "Powers"

CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe (10th Anniversary Edition)

Watch: "Talking in My Sleep"
Watch: "Manhattan"

Geese - 4D Country

Watch: "Jesse"
Watch: "4D Country"

Holly (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Listen: Johnny Jewel- "THE WITCH"
Listen: Johnny Jewel - "Amulet"

Lilts - Waiting Around

Listen: "Waiting Around"
Listen: "Too Late"

New Releases January 19, 2024

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Sleater-Kinney - Little Rope

Watch: "Hell"
Watch: "Say It Like You Mean It"

Other Full-Length Releases

Cowboy Sadness - Selected Jambient Works Vol. 1

Listen: "Range"
Listen: "The Cowboy Way"

PACKS - Melt the Honey

Watch: "Missy"
Watch: "Honey"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Nick Oliveri - N.O. Hits at All Vol.8

Listen: "I’m Not Dead"
Listen: "She Wanted to Leave"

Nick Oliveri - N.O. Hits at All Vol.9

Listen: "Blow Up the Embassy"
Listen: "Conspiracy (Fact or Theory)"

Spiritualized - Amazing Grace 20th Anniversary Reissue

Watch: "She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit)"
Watch: "Cheapster"

New Music Friday - January 12, 2024

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Kali Uchis - Orquídeas

Watch: "Muñekita" (with El Alfa & JT)
Watch: "Te Mata"
Nailah Hunter - Lovegaze

Watch: "Finding Mirrors"
Watch: "Lovegaze"

Other Full-Length Releases

21 Savage - american dream

Watch: "redrum"
Listen: "dark days" (with Mariah the Scientist)

Marika Hackman - Big Sigh

Watch: "Hanging"
Watch: "Slime"

The Vaccines - Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations

Watch: "Sometimes, I Swear"
Watch: "Love to Walk Away"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Ariana Grande - "yes, and?"

Watch: "yes, and?"

The Black Keys - "Beautiful People (Stay High)"

Watch: "Beautiful People (Stay High)"

Thursday, January 11, 2024

My Favorite Albums of 2023

20. Liv.e - Girl in the Half Pearl

Watch: "Wild Animals"
Listen: "Six Weeks"

19. The National - The First Two Pages of Frankenstein

Watch: "New Order T-Shirt"
Watch: "Your Mind Is Not Your Friend" (featuring Phoebe Bridgers)

18. The National - Laugh Track

Watch: "Laugh Track" (featuring Phoebe Bridgers)
Watch: "Space Invader"

17. Blur - The Ballad of Darren

Watch: "St. Charles Square"
Watch: "The Ballad"

16. waterbaby - Foam

Watch: "911"
Watch: "Airforce Blue"

15. Sampha - Lahai

Watch: "Spirit 2.0"
Watch: "Only"

14. Cory Hanson - Western Cum

Watch: "Housefly"
Listen: "Wings"

13. H. Hawkline - Milk for Flowers

Listen: "Milk for Flowers"
Watch: "Plastic Man"

12. The Kills - God Games

Listen: "My Girls My Girls"
Watch: "New York"

11. Paramore - This Is Why

Watch: "This Is Why"
Listen: "Big Man, Little Dignity"

Drum roll please...

10. Janelle Monáe - The Age of Pleasure

Watch: "Float" (CKay, Seun Kuti, & Egypt 80)
Watch: "Water Slide"
9. Geese - 3D Country

Listen: "2122"
Watch: "I See Myself"
8. Sufjan Stevens - Javelin

Watch: "Will Anybody Ever Love Me?"
Watch: "So You Are Tired"
7. Troye Sivan - Something to Give Each Other

Watch: "Rush"
Watch: "One of Your Girls"
6. Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!

Watch: "Shake the Bottle"
Watch: "Free Yourself"
5. Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We

Watch: "Bug Like an Angel"
Listen: "I Don’t Like My Mind"
4. Mandy, Indiana - i’ve seen a way

Watch: "Drag [Crashed]"
Watch: "Pinking Shears"
3. James Blake - Playing Robots in Heaven

Watch: "Loading"
Watch: "Big Hammer"
2. Kali Uchis - Red Moon in Venus

Watch: "I Wish You Roses"
Watch: "Moonlight"
1. L’Rain - I Killed Your Dog

Watch: "5 to 8 Hours a Day (WWwaG)"
Watch: "I Killed Your Dog"