Saturday, January 20, 2024

New Music Friday - January 12, 2024

Be sure to view a list of upcoming releases here!

Essential Full-Length Releases

Kali Uchis - Orquídeas

Watch: "Muñekita" (with El Alfa & JT)
Watch: "Te Mata"
Nailah Hunter - Lovegaze

Watch: "Finding Mirrors"
Watch: "Lovegaze"

Other Full-Length Releases

21 Savage - american dream

Watch: "redrum"
Listen: "dark days" (with Mariah the Scientist)

Marika Hackman - Big Sigh

Watch: "Hanging"
Watch: "Slime"

The Vaccines - Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations

Watch: "Sometimes, I Swear"
Watch: "Love to Walk Away"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Ariana Grande - "yes, and?"

Watch: "yes, and?"

The Black Keys - "Beautiful People (Stay High)"

Watch: "Beautiful People (Stay High)"

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