Saturday, June 18, 2011

Killer videos: Best Coast, Broken Social Scene & Frank Ocean

This first video is for "Gone Again," a non-album track from Best Coast. The video starts off with some menacing looking girls gearing up for a firing squad. The victims are three men, all tied to posts. Luckily for the men, they get hit with sweets like pies, marshmellows, gummy worms, chocolate syrup and ice cream. Seems like they're getting off easy getting decked out in s'mores ingredients...but are they?

This one starts out innocently enough, with Bijou Phillips singing to her love while drinking a glass of wine. Be warned, however, it gets pretty nasty in the middle. Before it gets and dirty, I do love the dress she's wearing.

The final video, for Frank Ocean's "We All Try," is not an official release from the artist, though still pretty awesome. A girl wakes up after a crazy evening and must, ahem, attend to some business from the night before. This one even has a twist ending!

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