Saturday, December 1, 2012

On Repeat: "Armed for Peace" & "Up Past the Nursery"

Suuns may be my new favorite band. About a week ago, I somewhat randomly decided to check them out and quickly fell in love with their sound. It's experimental, though they excel at keeping the end result simple and straightforward. Also, they know how to rock out when needed. At times, the vocals call to mind the British band Clinic, which may be why I've loved this so much!

In all honestly, their entire debut album, Zeroes QC (2010), has been on repeat since I first heard it. "Armed for Peace" and "Up Past the Nursery" are easily my favorite tracks on the album.

"Armed for Peace" opens the album. The buildup of the song gets me excited every time, so much so that I have been listening to it two or three times before allowing the song to finish.

"Up Past the Nursery" is probably the more experimental of the two tracks, with each syllable of the vocals delivered in a staccato style. What really gets me on this song, though, is the melodic bassline that comes in towards the end of the verses. It's surprising and works really well!

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