Monday, April 28, 2014

Check Out: Future Islands

As much as I try not to overwhelm myself with all the new music coming out in any given week, I still love discovering artists that I'm not already familiar with. Future Islands is the latest artist that I've decided to give a try and have loved!

I first heard of this Baltimore-based band during the run-up to their fourth studio album, Singles, released just last month. It seemed like I was seeing their name everywhere, but was hesitant to check them out. I caught a snippet of an NPR interview with the band about a month ago and, while I didn't hear a lot, what I did hear, I really liked.

At that point, the new album wasn't out yet, so I had to tide myself over with the early singles from the albums, their past three records and a new-infamous performance from the band on David Letterman.

Nearly since the album came out, it has been on repeat for me. All songs on the release are amazing, but there have been a couple of big stand-outs for me. "Sun in the Morning" is a fairly light and lovelorn song that shows off Sam Herring's crooner side. "Fall from Grace," by contrast, is the heaviest song on the album, with Sam showing off his ability to growl along with the hardest metalhead.

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