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Animal Collective in Covington

When: December 5, 2013
Where: Madison Theatre in Covington, KY

The Show:

I first saw Animal Collective live in 2008 when they performed at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. It was around the time that Strawberry Jam was released. Following the performance, I tried, but failed to really get into their sound. It was wasn't until 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion that I really started to appreciate the band (both current and previous work).

It would not be until late 2013 that I would get the chance to see them again, following yet another new album, Centipede Hz (2012). They had performed at Bonnaroo earlier that year, but it was one of those late late night shows and I was out like a light way before then.

Their Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky show had been postponed several times already by the time that they were able to make it out. It was initially scheduled for March, but was pushed back due to Avey Tare being sick. It was rescheduled to July, but was again pushed back, due to yet another illness. They were finally able to make it out in December and I'm sure all of the fans there were beyond ready to see them in action.

True to Animal Collective form, the setup of the venue was pretty trippy. Giant teeth adorned the ceiling (similar to the teeth on the cover of their most recent album) and everything seemed to be bathed in a black-light glow.

The opening act was bEEdEEgEE, aka Brian DeGraw (of Gang Gang Dance). His set foretold the weirdness that was to come; he performed his solo experimental electronic music beneath a bug tent. He put on a good show though, performing songs from his debut solo album, SUM/ONE.

Next was the main act. They quickly proved that the teeth were for more than just decoration. In addition to images and colors being projected onto the screen behind the band, additional images were projected onto the teeth, making them even freakier.

The band performed songs from throughout their catalog, but focused on their most recent release. They made the wait and numerous postponements well worth it; they put on an amazing show.

Mini Setlist:

"Today's Supernatural" (from Centipede Hz)
"My Girls" (from Merriweather Post Pavilion)
"The Purple Bottle" (from Feels)

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