Saturday, March 14, 2015

Check Out: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is the stage name of Maine musician Aly Spaltro. She started writing songs in 2007 and developed her moniker during a sleepy brainstorming session; she awoke to find the words scrawled in her notebook. It's also how she writes many of her lyrics, lending a dream-like and fantastical quality to many of her songs.

While she certainly falls under the broad swath of "indie rock," she incorporates folk, pop, jazz, and avant garde, with a few a cappella sections and more than a few moments ripe for a live sing-along. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to have any shows coming up in the tri-state (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky) any time within the next few months, so I'll have wait to have those moments.

She's been getting a fair amount of attention since she released her debut album, Ripley Pines, in 2013. She seems to be a favorite over at Stereogum, has received positive reviews from the folks at Pitchfork, and has appeared twice on NPR; on World Cafe in 2013 and on Morning Edition earlier this year. I'm starting to play her music for anyone that I can, just last night, I played my boyfriend "Violent Clementine" twice through (since I love the track so much).

She's just released her second proper studio album, After, on March 3, though she has been releasing recordings since 2007.

Check out her NPR interviews (linked above) and give a listen to some tracks below. You will not be disappointed!

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