Saturday, July 25, 2015

Upcoming Album of the Week (Ending July 25)

Before we get started on the album and other music announcements that excited me this week, remember that a more comprehensive list of upcoming releases is always available here for your perusing enjoyment!

My announcement of the week goes to the band Wavves, who announced their fifth album, appropriately named V.

The band, fronted by Nathan Williams, has been around since 2008. They have a sound that is, at its base, garage rock, but with elements of noise, surf, grunge, and punk. When I first heard of them and started listening to their music, I didn't take them very seriously. They seemed like a bunch of kids interested in just rocking out and content with releasing a similar collection of music every few years. Then, Afraid of Heights came out in 2013. It was more mature, the songwriting was better, and the melodies more developed. There was still a sense of the silliness and irreverence they'd displayed before, just presented in a better package.

They first announced that a follow-up would be coming back in January, but with all of the things that the band, and especially their frontman, have going on, I quickly forgot that it would be happening. The band continued their contributions to the Grand Theft Auto V music series (the latest was released in April), and then released a collaborative album with Cloud Nothings, No Life for Me, just last month. Just a few days before the latest album was announced, the band released a new song, "Way Too Much," but I still didn't put two and two together. V was officially announced on Monday, and is set to be released October 2.

Also announced this week:

2 Chainz - Trapavelli 3 (August 14)
Blitzen Trapper - All Across This Land (October 2)
Cold Cave, Genesis Breyer, P-Orridge, & Black Rain - Rebellion Is Over (available at live shows)
David Gilmour - Rattle That Lock (September 18)
Fuzz - II (October 23)
Gazing with Tranquility: A Tribute to Donovan (October 16)
Here We Go Magic - Be Small (October 16)
Kurt Vile - b'lieve i'm goin down (September 25)
Lou Barlow - Brace the Wave (September 4)
Matthew E. White - Fresh Blood: No Skin (out now)
Monika - Secret in the Dark (October 2)
Olga Bell - Incitation EP (October 16)
Robyn & La Bagatelle Magnifique - Love Is Free (August 7)
Roísín Murphy - Evil Eye Mixes (no set date)
Say Hi - Bleeder's Digest (September 18)

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