Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Music Friday - July 1, 2016

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Bat for Lashes - The Bride

Natasha Khan debuted a new project, Sexwitch, last year, but is already back with a new solo record. Following 2012's The Haunted Man, her new album is a conceptual piece, told from the perspective of a woman whose fiancé (spoiler alert) dies on the way to their wedding. The album was announced with materials that made me think that the artist may just be announcing her own wedding. I was pretty excited for her, but I guess this is cool, too!

Watch: "In God’s House"
Watch: "Sunday Love"

Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

Blood Orange is Dev Hynes and Freetown Sound is his third album under the name, which he has been his alias since putting Lightspeed Champion on hiatus in 2010. The album, which was released a few days ahead of time, is meant to speak to people who find themselves at odds between their identity and other people's expectations of them.

Watch: "Augustine"
Listen: "By Ourselves"

Sara Watkins - Young in All the Wrong Ways

Nickel Creek may have reunited two years ago for a new album, A Dotted Line, but that hasn't stopped its members from continuing in their solo careers. Both of her previous bandmates have released albums since and now Sara is back with her third solo record.

Watch: "Move Me"
Watch: "Young in All the Wrong Ways"

Other Full-Length Releases


Listen: "Glendale Junkyard"
Listen: "Needle Trade Off"

Metronomy - Summer 08

Watch: "Old Skool"
Listen: "Back Together"

Stephen Steinbrink - Anagrams

Listen: "Building Machines"
Listen: "Absent Mind"

Terry - Terry HQ

Listen: "Third War"
Listen: "Chitter Chatter"

Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Adam Olenius - Looking Forward to the New Me

Watch: "Feels Like Feels Right"
Listen: "News Are Saying"

Nite-Funk - Nite-Funk

Listen: "Let Me Be Me"
Listen: "U Can Make It"

Porcelain Raft - Pressed Flowers EP

Listen: "That's What I See When I See You"

Thee Oh Sees - Live in San Francisco

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