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New Music Friday - September 8, 2017

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Alvvays - Antisocialites

Alvvays released a spectacular self-titled debut album in 2014. That album was anchored by "Marry Me, Archie", a song about trying to cajole a reluctant lover into marriage. The first single from their sophomore album takes on a nearly opposite sentiment, mourning the end of a relationship. There's growth in their follow-up, but without the loss infectious jangle that made Alvvays such a delight.

Watch: "In Undertow"
Watch: "Plimsoll Punks"

Deerhoof - Mountain Moves

Deerhoof have a distinct sound, one they've displayed on studio albums already four times this decade. They're doing something a bit different for this fifth album, bringing in a number of featured artists. Collaborators range from Awkwafina, to Juana Molina, to Jenn Wasner.

Watch: "I Will Spite Survive" (featuring Jenn Wasner) 
Listen: "Come Down Here and Say That" (featuring Laetitia Sadler)

The National - Sleep Well Beast

The National are one of the most stylistically consistent bands in indie rock, but they've always maintained a timeliness that kept them from becoming boring. Things are no different on this latest record, their seventh, with some subtle and some not-so-subtle references to the current political environment.

Watch: "Day I Die"
Watch: "Carin at the Liquor Store"

Tony Allen - The Source

African drummer Tony Allen has had a long and prosperous career, both as the drummer for Fela Kuti and as a solo artist. His latest album, and according to the artist himself, his best, is his first for famed jazz label Blue Note.

Listen: "Push and Pull"
Listen: "On Fire"

Zola Jesus - Okovi

Okovi is the fifth album from this Wisconsin singer, long known for her goth pop sound and dark lyrics. The darkness continues on this latest record, written when the singer was back in hometown following a battle with depression. The result is an incredible album that has earned her some of her highest praise of her career.

Watch: "Exhumed"
Watch: "Soak"

Other Full-Length Releases

Alex Cameron - Forced Witness

Watch: "Candy May"
Watch: "Runnin’ Out of Luck"

Carmen Villain - Infinite Avenue

Watch: "Red Desert"
Listen: "Borders" (featuring Jenny Hval)

Death from Above - Outage! Is Now

Watch: "Never Swim Alone"
Watch: "Freeze Me"

Faith Healer - Try ;)

Watch: "Try"
Listen: "Light of Loving"

Julie & The Wrong Guys - Julie & The Wrong Guys

Watch: "You Wanted What I Wanted"
Listen: "Love & Leaving"

Lomelda - Thx

Listen: "From Here"
Listen: "Interstate Vision"

Lunice - CCCLX

Watch: "Mazerati"
Watch: "Distrust" (featuring Denzel Curry, JK The Reaper, & Nell)

Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives

Watch: "Delta"
Watch: "Blue Train Lines"

MuteMath - Play Dead

Watch: "Break the Fever"
Watch: "War"

Nosaj Thing - Parallels

Watch: "U G"
Listen: "All Points Back to U" (featuring Steve Spacek)

Partner - In Search of Lost Time

Watch: "Play the Field"
Listen: "Gross Secret"

Small Circle - Cyclical

Listen: "Mornings"
Listen: "Spinning"

Sparks - Hippopotamus

Watch: "Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)"
Watch: "What the Hell Is It This Time?"

Susanne Sundfør - Music for People in Trouble

Listen: "Mountaineers" (featuring John Grant)
Listen: "No One Believes in Love Anymore"

Ted Leo - The Hanged Man

Watch: "Can’t Go Back"
Listen: "You’re Like Me"

Tori Amos - Native Invader

Watch: "Reindeer King"
Watch: "Cloud Riders"

Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Animal Collective - Sung Tongs Vinyl Reissue

Listen: "Leaf House"
Listen: "Winter’s Love"

David Bowie - The 1980 Floorshow

Listen: "Jean Genie"
Listen: "Time"

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Up from Below Vinyl Reissue

Watch: "Home"
Listen: "Janglin"

Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix Vinyl Reissue

Listen: "Hey Joe"
Listen: "Fire"

Mas Ysa - Untitled

Listen: "Face"
Listen: "Mapquest"

Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See Vinyl Reissue

Watch: "Fade Into You"
Listen: "So Tonight That I Might See"

Mourn - Over the Wall

Listen: "Color Me Impressed"
Listen: "Over the Wall"

Nico - Behind the Iron Curtain Reissue

Listen: "Procession"
Listen: "All Saints Night from a Polish Motorway"

Syd - Always Never Home

Listen: "Moving Mountains"
Listen: "On the Road"

Twin Peaks (Music from the Limited Event Series)

Zomby - GASP!

Listen: "GASP!"
Listen: "ZKITTLEZ"

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