Saturday, October 7, 2023

New Music Friday - October 6, 2023

Be sure to view a list of upcoming releases here!

Essential Full-Length Releases

Glasser - crux

Watch: "Vine"
Watch: "Drift"
Hannah Diamond - Perfect Picture

Watch: "Perfect Picture"
Watch: "Affirmations"
Jolie Holland - Haunted Mountain

Watch: "Orange Blossoms"
Listen: "Haunted Mountain"
Mary Lattimore - Goodbye, Hotel Arkada

Watch: "And Then He Wrapped His Wings Around Me" (featuring Meg Baird & Walt McClements)
Watch: "Arrivederci" (featuring Lol Tolhurst)
Sufjan Stevens - Javelin

Watch: "So You Are Tired"
Watch: "Will Anybody Ever Love Me?"

Other Full-Length Releases

A. Savage - Several Songs About Fire

Watch: "Elvis in the Army"
Watch: "Thanksgiving Prayer"

Adulkt Life - There Is No Desire

Listen: "Future Cops"

Axis: Sova - Blinded By Oblivion

Watch: "Trend Sets"
Watch: "I’m a Ghost"

Drake - For All the Dogs

Watch: "Another Late Night"
Watch: "8AM in Charlotte"

Mutual Benefit - Growing at the Edges

Watch: "Little Ways"
Watch: "Untying a Knot"

Sam Gendel & Marcella Cytrynowicz - AUDIOBOOK

Watch: "CD"
Watch: "QR"

Truth Club - Running from the Chase

Watch: "Uh Oh"
Watch: "Exit Cycle"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Alex Lahey - The Answer Is Always Yes (Expanded Edition)

Watch: "Newsreader"
Listen: "When the Rain Comes Down"

Allen Ginsberg’s The Fall of America Volume II

Watch: Ai Weiwei & O_Future - "HUM BOM!"
Watch: Philip Glass - "Have you seen this Movie?"

Heatmiser - The Music of Heatmiser

Listen: "Lowlife"
Listen: "Bottle Rocket"

Husker Dü - Tonite LONGHORN

Listen: "Do You Remember?"
Listen: "Statues"

Joni Mitchell - Archives, Vol. 3: The Asylum Years (1972-1975)

Watch: "Like Veils Said Lorraine"
Watch: "Help Me" (Demo)

Omar Apollo - Live for Me

Watch: "Ice Slippin"
Watch: "Live for Me"

Paramore - Re: This Is Why

Watch: "This Is Why" (Re: Foals)
Watch: "You First" (Re: Remi Wolf)

The Twilight Singers - Black Out the Windows/Ladies and Gentlemen, the Twilight Singers

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