Sunday, May 19, 2024

New Music Friday - April 5, 2024

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Dana Gavanski - LATE SLAP

Watch: "How to Feel Uncomfortable"
Watch: "Singular Coincidence"
Gustaf - Package Pt. 2

Watch: "Starting and Staring"
Watch: "Here Hair / Hard Hair"
RiTchie - Triple Digits [112]

Watch: "Dizzy" (featuring Aminé)
Watch: "RiTchie Valens"
Sinkane - We Belong

Watch: "How Sweet Is Your Love"
Watch: "We Belong"
Vampire Weekend - Only God Was Above Us

Watch: "Capricorn"
Watch: "Gen-X Cops"

Other Full-Length Releases

The Black Keys - Ohio Players

Watch: "Beautiful People (Stay High)"
Watch: "I Forgot to Be Your Lover"

Bryson Tiller - Bryson Tiller

Watch: "Whatever She Wants"
Watch: "Undertow"

Jane Weaver - Love in Constant Spectacle

Watch: "Romantic Worlds"
Watch: "Love in Constant Spectacle"

Khruangbin - A LA SALA

Watch: "A Love International"
Watch: "May Ninth"

The Libertines - All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade

Watch: "Night of the Hunter"
Watch: "Shiver"

Lillie West - if i were a real man i would be able to break the neck of a suffering bird

Watch: "holyholyholy"
Listen: "1"

Maxband - On Ice

Listen: "Slipping on Ice"
Listen: "Lines"

Mount Kimbie - The Sunset Violent

Watch: "Fishbrain"
Watch: "Empty and Silent" (featuring King Krule)

Pernice Brothers - Who Will You Believe

Listen: "Who Will You Believe"
Listen: "I Don’t Need That Anymore" (featuring Neko Case)

Phosphorescent - Revelator

Watch: "Revelator"
Watch: "Impossible House"

Shabason, Krgovich, Sage - Shabason, Krgovich, Sage

Watch: "Bridget"
Listen: "Bruce"

Still Corners - Dream Talk

Watch: "The Dream"
Watch: "Secret World"

We/Or/Me - Days Outside of Time

Watch: "Lights Over London" (featuring Joan Shelley & Rachel Grimes)
Listen: "Days Out of Time"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

The Drums - Jonny (Deluxe)

Watch: "The Impossible"
Listen: "Noah"

Imaginational Anthem Vol. XIII: Songs of Bruce Cockburn

Listen: Eli Winter - "Foxglove"
Listen: Jerry David DeCicca - "Forty Years in the Wilderness" (featuring Bill Callahan)

Jane Penny - Surfacing

Watch: "Messages"
Watch: "Wear You Out"

Varg2™ - Nordic Flora Series Pt. 6: Outlaw Music

Watch: "Lucky" (featuring Eartheater & Earth)
Watch: "H2D" (featuring Bladee & Ecco2K)

Rebel Moon—Songs of the Rebellion

Listen: Jessie Reyez- "Child of Fire"
Listen: aespa & TOKiMONSTA - "Die Trying"

So Many Things at Once

Listen: The Natvral- "Pink Wine"

Tanlines - "Vanishing Point"/"Barefoot"

Listen: "Vanishing Point"
Listen: "Barefoot"

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