Sunday, June 9, 2024

New Music Friday - June 6, 2024

Be sure to view a list of upcoming releases here!

Essential Full-Length Releases

Bonny Light Horseman - Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free

Watch: "I Know You Know"
Watch: "Old Dutch"
Charli XCX - BRAT

Watch: "Von dutch"
Watch: "360"
Goat Girl - Below the Waste

Watch: "ride around"
Watch: "motorway"

Watch: "Witchy" (featuring Childish Gambino)
Watch: "Drip Sweat" (featuring Channel Tres)
L’Impératrice - Pulsar

Watch: "Any Way" (featuring Maggie Rogers)
Watch: "Danza Marilù" (featuring Fabiana Martone)

Other Full-Length Releases

AURORA - What Happened to the Heart?

Watch: "Some Type of Skin"
Watch: "The Conflict of the Mind"

Bloomsday - Heart of the Artichoke

Watch: "Artichoke"
Watch: "Dollar Slice"


Watch: "If I’m Gonna Go Anywhere"
Watch: "Time"

Good Looks - Lived Here for a While

Watch: "If It’s Gone"
Watch: "Can You See Me Tonight?"

Man Man - Carrot on Strings

Watch: "Iguana"
Watch: "Tastes Like Metal"

Nat Harvie - New Virginity

Watch: "Red" (featuring Alan Sparhawk)
Watch: "Sun"

Strand of Oaks - Miracle Focus

Watch: "More You"
Watch: "Party at Monster Lake"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Aloe Blacc - Rock My Soul: Volume 1

Watch: "Black Hole Sun"
Watch: "Lithium"

Shygirl - Club Shy RMX

Watch: "4eva" (featuring Empress Of & Kingdom) (X-Coast remix)
Watch: "mute" (Logic1000 remix)

Thomas Bangalter - CHIROPTERA


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