Friday, January 14, 2011

Grammys are coming!


The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards will broadcast February 13 and I'm getting pretty excited about this year's show. It's a guarded excitement, as I watched the show last year (due mainly to Phoenix being nominated for Best Alternative Album). Of course, they didn't actually air that award, so the ceremony was a let down for me and I spent most of the broadcast wondering why Taylor Swift was a popular recording artists (seriously, listen to her sing live...she can't). Watching the show, I decided to write my minute-by-minute reactions, here a snippet of what I wrote:

9.36: I'm going to start putting my TV on mute during the musical performances. Should've thought of this earlier.

9.46: I apologize to anyone who's a huge Taylor Swift fan, but, while it's nice that she writes her own music, her lyrics aren't profound or special. Her music's pretty pedestrian, IMHO.

9.48: Taylor cannot sing that note. Let Stevie Nicks do it, honey..

I'm hoping this year is better. For one, there promises to be some great musical performances with Arcade Fire and Cee-Lo Green set to perform. There is some great representation of artists generally considered "indie" in major categories (and not just relegated to the Best Alternative category). Arcade Fire is nominated for Album of the Year, and Florence + the Machine and Mumford & Sons are both nominated for Best New Artist, even though I'm sure the Biebs will win that one.

Of course, the award I'm looking most forward to probably won't be broadcast once again, that award being Best Alternative Album. I love everything that's nominated there: Broken Bells, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys and Band of Horses. I would like The Black Keys to win, but I think Arcade Fire probably will. But hey, I'm happy no matter what.

On that note, Tuesday, "The Colbert Report" featured a Best Alternative Album show-down (eliminating Arcade Fire because they were on "The Daily Show" and 'f' them). The segment pitched Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, both Black Keys, Colbert and a member of the Grammy committee in a fight to the death. My money's on Colbert...

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