Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Music Tuesday - 08/02/2011

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (Deluxe Edition)
The Suburbs (Deluxe Edition)
The Best Album of the Year Grammy winning album was released exactly one year ago. Of course, a deluxe release proves that even independent labels (in this case, Merge) aren't immune from the tendency to release special editions of popular releases. Thankfully, this one may actually be worth it. Rather than an extra song and new artwork, this release includes two new songs, an extended version of another song and the full-length short film, "The Suburbs" by Spike Jonze. That alone makes this well worth repurchasing the album!
"Speaking in Tongues"

Fountains of Wayne - Sky Full of Holes
Sky Full of Holes
A lot of people dismissed them as simply one-hit wonders after "Stacy's Mom" (which, I guess, they technically were), but Fountains of Wayne put out a lot of good music before, and after, Welcome Interstate Managers. I was a big fan of Traffic & Weather (especially "Someone to Love"). This album purports to be "darker" than their past work, so it could be a very interesting release.
"Richie and Ruben"

Mathieu Santos - Massachusetts 2010
Massachusetts 2010
Mathieu is the bassist for Ra Ra Riot, whose The Rhumb Line I fell in love with last year. I'm not impressed with the uber-creative naming scheme for the album...I wonder when and where he recorded it??? (Although, I guess it's better than the how Adele chooses to name hers). His main band is a great mix of American indie rock, pop and classical/baroque elements. I hope he holds onto some of what makes his collaborative work so amazing in his solo efforts!

"I Can Hear The Trains Coming"

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