Monday, August 29, 2011

Project Runway: Hipster Style

I'm a bit lazy/slow lately; this post is about a designer on Project Runway that actually left a few weeks ago, but I had wanted to write about her, so I'll do it anyway!

The designer was Fallene Wells, a self-taught (she was a hair stylist, not a designer, before the show) 29-year Coloradan with a definite hipster (or we could just say quirky) turn to both her personal style and what she put down the runway. Before the show, she claimed to be inspired by Zoe Deschanel, the actress known for her indie vibe and cutesy style (I would call her the poster child of quirkiness, but apparently she hates that).

Unfortunately, despite an actually fairly well-executed show of more "indie" apparel in her pre-show lookbook, her appearance on the show was quite lackluster.

Her first look was pretty good, though I'm sure most people could have lived without the puking clown.
PR - Fallene 1

The next week was the "unconventional" challenge (the designers shopped at a pet store). Normally, this should be the stellar week for "indie" or crafty designers. While, I liked the idea of Fallene using plastic aquarium plants for the skirt, it just came out bad.
PR - Fallene 2

The next episode was team challenge (she was paired with a designer named Bryce) to design for stilt-walkers (yeah...PR gets all kinds of weird). Unfortunately, her lack of sewing skills hurt the team. She was supposed to make the outfits bodice, but couldn't cut on the bias, so it was completely scrapped. The end result was a boring black tutu with her only contribution being the headpiece (which was actually the only thing any of the judges praised).
PR - Fallene 3

The next closest designer to really having a hipster edge to her was Danielle Everine, but she turned out to be just as lackluster and left the next episode. I guess Becky Ross is left, but I really question her aesthetic.

Oh well, next season, I guess!

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