Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Music Tuesday - 08/07/2012

Antony and the Johnsons - Cut the World

After four studio albums and several EPs of orchestral baroque pop, Antony Hegarty has released an album actually recorded with a live orchestra. Cut the World was recorded with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra in Copenhagen. In addition to ten live-recorded tracks, there is one studio track, "Cut the World," and a speech by the front man, "Future Feminism."
"Cut the World"

Sweet Valley - Stay Calm

You would think that, after his third and most successful with Wavves, Nathan Williams would be working towards a follow-up...heck, his girlfriend in Best Coast has already released a follow-up to their very successful album. Now, I can't say for sure that a follow-up isn't in the works, but, in the meantime, Nathan has been experimenting with some different sounds in this side project with his brother. As a "beat tape," it seems to revolve more around experimenting with different sounds than a serious alternative outlet, but it should provide some insight on where Wavves may be going next!
"Total Carnage"

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