Monday, December 2, 2013

The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring tells the (based on a) true story of The Hollywood Hills Burglars, a group of privileged teenagers who robbed celebrity homes in 2008 and 2009. Emma Watson portrays the group's ringleader Nicki Moore. The teens start off small, knocking off unlocked cars, until they figure out how to determine when celebrities are not going to be home. The risk of the thefts strains the groups friendships and their well-beings.

The film was a great show of some young talent in Hollywood. Watson has done a great job establishing herself outside of the Harry Potter series. My favorites in the film, though, were Taissa Farmiga (Sam Moore) and Israel Broussard (Marc Hall). Broussard did a great job playing a conflicted teen who wants to fit it; and I've just been generally impressed by Farmiga for everything she's in. Sofia Coppola has really made a name for herself as a director and I've loved everything she's done!

Mini soundtrack:

Sleigh Bells - "Crown on the Ground"
SchoolBoy Q - "Hell of a Night"
Frank Ocean - "Super Rich Kids"

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