Saturday, May 25, 2019

Upcoming Album of the Week (Ending May 25, 2019)

Something that I learned this week is that, for the more than 20 years since The Verve released their biggest hit, "Bitter Sweet Symphony," the band has not owned the rights to the song. Instead, they belonged to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones, due to the use of a sample of an orchestral arrangement of "The Last Time." That was finally reversed this week; Richard Ashcroft announced that Jagger and Richards had transferred their share of the credits back to him!

The drama over those rights did a number on the band, who last broke up in 2008. May this win will see them getting back together, as well. If that happens, keep an eye out for a new album over at my Upcoming Releases page.

This week, Marika Hackman announced her third album, Any Human Friend.

Hackman is a singer and songwriter from London who released her previous album, I'm Not Your Man, in 2017. That album came with a memorable video for the single "My Lover Cindy," which involves some interesting fencing injuries.

Any Human Friend was announced on Wednesday with a new song and video for "i'm not where you are." The album is set for release on August 9.

Also announced this week:

Chuck Cleaver - Send Aid (July 19)
IDER - Emotional Education (July 19)
Kaiser Chiefs - Duck (July 26)
Mega Bog - Dolphine (June 28)
Modern Nature - How to Live (August 23)
Tyler Childers - Country Squire (August 2)
Underworld - DRIFT SONGS (October 25)

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