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New Music Friday - June 2, 2017

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Essential Full-Length Releases

Amber Coffman - City of No Reply

Coffman was previously a member of the Dirty Projectors before being left out of their most recent record, which was basically a Dave Longstreth solo project. Despite what one may assume given the drama around that album, Longstreth was a integral part of the writing and recording of this record, and also produced the record. Written before the fallout, this album contains none of the anger or vitriol of Dirty Projectors, but is instead light and poppy.

Watch: "No Coffee"
Watch: "All to Myself"

Benjamin Booker - Witness

Witness is the sophomore album from Booker, following his 2014 self-titled debut. The album came about following an extended sojourn to Mexico that Booker embarked on in an attempt to overcome writer's block. It was inspired in part by events such as the killing of Trayvon Martin and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Listen: "Witness" (featuring Mavis Staples)
Listen: "Believe"

Chastity Belt - I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone

This is the third album from Chastity Belt, who debuted in 2013 with No Regerts and followed that up two years ago with Time to Go Home. On this album, the band does what any good ensemble should do overtime, grows up. They started out with with high-energy instrumentals and humorous lyrics, but turn their focus inward here, with lyrics detailing the anxieties and doubts of life.

Watch: "Different Now"
Watch: "Used to Spend"

Dan Auerbach - Waiting on a Song

Auerbach is best known as the guitarist and frontman for The Black Keys, but has been pursuing various projects outside the band over the past couple of years, including producing and another band, The Arcs. Waiting on a Song is not his first solo record; he first went solo in 2009 with Keep It Hid, which was a bluesier outing. His second solo record is lighter and more influenced by country and soul from the 70s.

Watch: "Waiting on a Song"
Watch: "King of a One Horse Town"

Noga Erez - Off the Radar

Erez is an Israeli electronic musician who grew up with piano and guitar lessons, studied composition, and served as a military musician in the Israeli army. Her music is often political, detailing life surrounded by war and single horrific events. Off the Radar is her debut album.

Watch: "Toy"
Watch: "Off the Radar"

Other Full-Length Releases

alt-J - Relaxer

Watch: "Adeline"
Watch: "In Cold Blood"

Beach Fossils - Somersault

Watch: "Down the Line"
Watch: "Saint Ivy"

Bleachers - Gone Now

Watch: "Don’t Take the Money"
Watch: "I Miss Those Days"

Celebration - Wounded Healer

Watch: "Rolling On"
Listen: "Freedom Ring"

Charlie Fink - Cover My Tracks

Watch: "I Was Born to Be a Cowboy"
Watch: "Firecracker"

Jesu/Sun Kil Moon - 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth

Listen: "He’s Bad"

Marika Hackman - I’m Not Your Man

Watch: "Boyfriend"
Watch: "My Lover Cindy"

Mutoid Man - War Moans

Listen: "Kiss of Death"
Listen: "Melt Your Mind"

Pixx - The Age of Anxiety

Watch: "I Bow Down"
Watch: "Waterslides"

Roger Waters - Is This the Life We Really Want?

Watch: "The Last Refugee"
Listen: "Déjà Vu"

Smidley - Smidley

Watch: "Dead Retrievers"
Watch: "Fuck This"

Spectre Folk - Vol. 4

Listen: "Blowing Tornadoes"
Listen: "Bremsstrahlung"

TOPS - Sugar at the Gate

Watch: "Petals"
Watch: "Further"

Ulrika Spacek - Modern English Decoration

Watch: "Full of Men"
Listen: "Mimi Pretend"

Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Amber Arcades - Cannonball

Watch: "Can’t Say That We Tried"
Watch: "Wouldn’t Even Know" (featuring Bill Ryder Jones)

Ashleigh Ball - Gold in You

Watch: "Crazy"
Watch: "Gold in You"

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration Reissue

Listen: "Black Celebration"
Listen: "Fly on the Windscreen"

Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses Reissue

Watch: "Never Let Me Down Again"
Listen: "The Things You Said"

Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward Reissue

Listen: "Something to Do"
Listen: "Lie to Me"

Iggy Pop - The Idiot Reissue

Listen: "Nightclubbing"
Listen: "China Girl"

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life Reissue

Watch: "Lust for Life"
Listen: "The Passenger"

Iggy Pop - TV Eye Reissue

The Kills - Echo Home - Non-Electric EP

Watch: "Wait" (Non-Electric)
Watch: "Desperado" (Non-Electric)

Mavis Staples - Mavis Staples: I’ll Take You There - An All-Star Concert Celebration

Listen: "I’ll Take You There"
Listen: "Eyes on the Prize"


Listen: "Peace of Mind"
Listen: "Freak in You"

Wilder Maker - "New Streets"/"Only Child"

Watch: "Only Child"
Listen: "New Streets"

Wonder Woman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Listen: Sia - "To Be Human" (featuring Labrinth)
Listen: Rupert Gregson-Williams - "Wonder Woman’s Wrath"

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