Thursday, April 21, 2022

My Favorite Albums of 2021

25. Jorja Smith - Be Right Back
24. Lia Ices - Family Album
23. Jordana - Something to Say to You
22. Xenia Rubinos - Una Rosa
21. Lorde - Solar Power

20. José González - Local Valley

Watch: "Swing"
Watch: "Head On"

19. Faye Webster - I Know I’m Funny haha

Watch: "Overslept" (featuring mei ehara)
Watch: "A Dream with a Baseball Player"

18. Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST

Watch: "CORSO"

17. Painted Shrines - Heaven and Holy

Listen: "Heaven and Holy"
Listen: "Painted Shrines"

16. Morly - ’Til I Start Speaking

Watch: "Eliogy"
Watch: "Dance to You"

15. Sophia Kennedy - Monsters

Watch: "I Can See You"
Watch: "Cat on My Tongue"

14. Mr Twin Sister - Al Mundo Azul

Watch: "Beezle"
Listen: "Ballarino"

13. The War on Drugs - I Don’t Live Here Anymore

Watch: "Living Proof"
Watch: "Nothing to Find"

12. Lael Neale - Acquainted with Night

Watch: "Acquainted with Night"
Watch: "Blue Vein"

11. Indigo De Souza - Any Shake You Take

Watch: "Hold U"
Watch: "Kill Me"

10. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - CARNAGE

Watch: "Carnage"
Watch: "Hand of God"
9. Low - HEY WHAT

Watch: "I Can Wait"
Watch: "More"
8. Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview of Phenomenal Nature

Watch: "Crosshairs"
Watch: "Hard Drive"
7. Squid - Bright Green Field

Watch: "Pamphlets"
Watch: "Paddling"
6. Parquet Courts - Sympathy for Life

Watch: "Marathon of Anger"
Watch: "Homo Sapiens"
5. Goat Girl - On All Fours

Watch: "Badibaba"
Watch: "The Crack"
4. Midnight Sister - Painting the Roses

Watch: "Satellite"
Watch: "Foxes"
3. Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

Watch: "Unsmart Lady"
Watch: "Oblivion"
2. Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee

Watch: "Savage Good Boy"
Watch: "Posing in Bondage"
1. Iceage - Seek Shelter

Watch: "High & Hurt"
Watch: "Gold City"

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