Saturday, April 2, 2022

New Music Friday - March 25, 2022

Be sure to view a list of upcoming releases here!

Essential Full-Length Releases

Aldous Harding - Warm Chris

Watch: "Lawn"
Watch: "Fever"
Denzel Curry - Melt My Eyez See Your Future

Watch: "Zatoichi" (featuring slowthai)
Watch: "Walkin"
Ibibio Sound Machine - Electricity

Watch: "Protection from Evil"
Watch: "Electricity"

Watch: "DEATH FANTASY" (with Miguel)
Phife Dawg - Forever

Watch: "French Kiss Trois" (featuring Redman & Illa J)
Watch: "Nutshell Pt. 2" (featuring Busta Rhymes & Redman)

Other Full-Length Releases

Anand Wilder - I Don’t Know My Words

Watch: "Fever Seizure"
Watch: "Delirium Passes"

Barrie - Barbara

Watch: "Quarry"
Watch: "Concrete"

Bellows - Next of Kin

Watch: "McNally Jackson"
Watch: "Rancher’s Pride"

Buddy - Superghetto

Watch: "Wait Too Long" (featuring Blxst)
Watch: "Hoochie Mama"

Camp Cope - Running with the Hurricane

Listen: "Jealous"
Listen: "Running with the Hurricane"

Destroyer - Labrynthitis

Watch: "Tintoretto, It’s for You"
Watch: "June"

Ginla - Everything

Watch: "Carousel" (featuring Adrienne Lenker)
Watch: "You"

Guerilla Toss - Famously Alive

Watch: "Cannibal Capital"
Watch: "Famously Alive"

Kevin Devine - Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong

Watch: "Albatross"
Watch: "How Can I Help You?"

Maren Morris - Humble Quest

Watch: "Circles Around This Town"
Watch: "Background Music"

Nigo - I Know Nigo

Watch: "Hear Me Clearly" (with Pusha T)
Watch: "Arya" (featuring A$AP Rocky)

P.E. - The Leather Leon

Watch: "Blue Nude (Reclined)"
Watch: "Tears in the Rain" (featuring A. Savage)

Walter Martin - The Bear

Watch: "The Bear"
Watch: "Hunters in the Snow"

Young Prisms - Drifter

Watch: "Honeydew"
Watch: "Outside Air"
Singles, EPs, Soundtracks, etc.

Cadence Weapon - Parallel World Deluxe Edition

Watch: "SENNA" (Remix) (featuring Logan & Jacques Greene)
Watch: "Play No Games" (Harrison Remix)

Emma Ruth Rundle - Orpheus Looking Back

Listen: "Pump Organ Song"
Listen: "Gilded Cage"

Fucked Up - Do All Words Can Do

Listen: "Do All Words Can Do"
Listen: "What Would You Do"

The Killers - Pressure Machine Deluxe Edition

Watch: "Quiet Town"
Watch: "The Getting By II"

Tinariwen - Amassakoul Reissue

Watch: "Taskiwt Tadjat"
Listen: "Amassakoul N’Ténéré"

Tinariwen - Radio Tisdas Sessions Reissue

Listen: "Zin Es Gourdemen"
Listen: "Nar Djenetbouba"

Weezer - SZNZ: Spring

Watch: "A Little Bit of Love"
Watch: "Opening Night"

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