Friday, March 25, 2011

Add another store to my black list

A few months ago, I stated that I would stop shopping at Forever 21 largely due to their unapologetic copying of high fashion designs. Well, I now have another store to add to my short black list, but due to very different reasons.

I became mildly obsessed with American Apparel a few months back. There was something I loved about them having such a broad selection of basics and active-wear in almost any color you can imagine. I knew of past issues with the company (or, more specifically, the founder), but the accusations, mentioned in the next paragraph, were a couple of years old and something I figured had been dealt with and resolved.

Well, apparently not. In just the past week, at least two lawsuits have been filed against CEO and founder, Dov Charney. The lawsuits, which are similar to those accusations from a few years ago, allege sexual abuses of female associates and models.

Dude just looks creepy...

Whether or not the accusations are true, what really amazes me is that there's not attempt from other high-ranking people within the company or other chairpeople (Dov himself is a chairman) to lessen his role or even remove him from his position. Instead, they just keep defending the man and accusing the women of orchestrating a shake-up or conspiracy against the company.

There have reports lately of American Apparel experiencing some financial problems. I've begun to wonder if these issues are related to the accusations against Charney in the past and now. The financial problems that the company is experiencing makes it even more surprising to me that other stakeholders are putting up anything. It is a public company, so there is an obligation to shareholders. They better do something soon, or these accusations could potentially spell the death of the company.

So, until American Apparel makes it apparent that Charney's actions are unacceptable and makes a move to remove him or to diminish his role, I don't see the point of gracing them with my dollar.

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