Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little girls rapped response to Lil' Wayne lyrics

Full disclosure: I have never (as far as I know) actually listened to a Lil' Wayne song. I'm sure I've heard one or two at some point in time, but nothing I would be able to identify as his music. While I've never been apt to seek out his music, I have seen his lyrics and know how misogynistic they tend to be.

Three little girls, aged 5, 9 and 10 decided to issue a response to the nature of his lyrics.

Despite the disrespect towards women in many of Lil' Wayne's lyrics, the girls still show him his due respect by calling him 'sir:'
My daddy tell me I'm a queen, but you call women other things….sir don't call me out my name again.
The rap also notes that Lil' Wayne has a lil' girl of his own and questions how he refers to her and the example he's setting for her. It will be interesting to see if he responds to the video and what his response actually is.

In the meantime, these little girls rock!

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