Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mom may know more about The Black Keys than I do

When I was home during Christmas last year, I excitedly played Brothers for my mom. In the preceding week, it had become my favorite album and I figured that she might enjoy it since she likes some blues (…I think). Well, she wasn’t crazy about it.

Nevertheless, she still looked into the band and about a week after I’d returned to Bloomington, I got a phone call from her asking if I was aware the band was from Akron, Ohio…which, of course, I did. For reference, my mother and much of my family live in or around Akron.

In addition to being from the city of Akron, the drummer’s father, Jim Carney, writes for the local newspaper, The Akron Beacon Journal. Of course, my mom receives this paper regularly and every time there’s a story in the paper about the band, I get a phone call recounting the details of the story.

I find it funny, but I’m happy my mom is so receptive of news about the band, even without loving their music…it means I stay better in the know!

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  1. They are not bad for white boys. I live in Green but have an Akron zip. (No pun intended for the Akron U Zips.)