Saturday, April 9, 2011

I found my local music venue

The Southgate House is a bar and music venue across the river from Cincinnati in Newport, Kentucky. While there are a lot of great smaller venues in and around Cinci, this place (as far as I've seen) seems to get a lot of the bigger (but still indie) music acts.

A few weeks ago, I went there to see Wanda Jackson and went to two shows in just this past week.

On Tuesday, I went to see The Raveonettes, which, coincidentally, was also the day that their new album, Raven in the Grave was released! A new band, Tamaryn, opened for them. Both bands have a Jesus and Mary Chain sound to them, so a lot of noise and very fuzzy sound. The show was LOUD, my ears are still ringing.

The Raveonettes

Thursday was a much quieter and low-key affair. The usual setup at the venue is a standard open concert layout. On this night, however, tables and chairs were set out for a more intimate affair. The acts were local artist Daniel Martin Moore and Kent, OH native and Black Keys protege Jessica Lea Mayfield.

Moore is a folk artist from Northern Kentucky who sings a lot of traditional songs as well as many of his own. He ended his set in the midst of the audience with his drummer performing some of the best damn ham-boning I've ever seen (not that I've seen that much).

Daniel Martin Moore

Mayfield herself has been getting a lot of attention lately, for good reason. There are some strong country elements to her music and she has an amazing husky voice.

Jessica Lea Mayfield

It's safe to say that I will probably be back at this venue for more shows. It has a great atmosphere and gets some of the best acts in the area.

Looking forward to the Black Lips and Vivian Girls on the 20th!

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