Monday, April 18, 2011

Is this the real reason skinny jeans are still in?

I read an article today that claimed that cotton inflation is what may be keeping skinny jeans around. It was an interesting article, which you should definitely give a look-see. I do, however, disagree a bit with the article's claims.

While retailers are going to be in a crunch with the recent inflation in cotton prices, that cost is not going to necessarily dictate (at least not fully) what stores stock. Trends play a huge role, and it's important to sell what the customers want, not just what's cheapest to produce.

Many signs point to wide-leg jeans (and pants) being a big trend for spring, something I was telling some girlfriends recently as we prepped for a night out. '70s style is seeing a resurgence, with loose boho prints and sky-high platforms, something that lends itself well to wide-leg pants. I personally love how incredibly long one's legs look in high heels and long, wide-leg pants.

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I also feel that women have grown weary (or have been weary) of the skinny-leg trend. It really is flattering on certain body types. So, I'm sure many women are praying for a change.

I have heard that cotton prices will soon drop due to growers overproducing in hopes of banking on higher prices. However, this will create a surplus and drive prices back down. I can't speak to whether farmers really were planting more cotton. I do feel, however, that the increase in price we saw last year will not be the only (or even primary) factor in what retailers produce and sell in stores.

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