Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Music Tuesday - 11/22/2011

The Antlers - (together)

They released one of my favorite albums this year and are back with this followup EP. What I would have really liked from this release are B-sides and tracks from the same session, I would love to hear more of what they developed for the album. What we get is almost just as good, though. The album brings together re-recorded tracks from the album, performed with other artists, like Nicole Atkins and Neon Indian. It also features an amazing cover of The xx's "VCR."
"Rolled Together" (with Neon Indian)

Death Cab for Cutie - Codes and Keys remixes

Death Cab also released a new album earlier this, Codes and Keys. That one, though, was not one of my favorites of the year, nor was it my favorite Death Cab record. Hopefully, teaming up with a slew of talented young artists can throw something into the songs that wasn't there before.
"Codes and Keys" (Yeasayer remix)

Neutral Milk Hotel - Career box set

I only really got into Neutral Milk Hotel after I got interested in this boy who really liked them. Long after my feelings for him faded, however, my interest in the band remained. Their two studio albums were even among the first vinyl records I bought for myself. The box set encompasses those two records, as well as a slew of previously unreleased material, much of which has been posted to Jeff Mangum's site for streaming going a couple of months back. I don't plan on re-buying the vinyl records, so I hope the extra material is available to download as well...fingers crossed!
"You've Passed"

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  1. The unreleased material will be put on bandcamp for download at the price you wish to pay