Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bloc Party Lives!!

Apparently, all the rumors late last year of either the band's breakup or the departure of lead singer Kele Okereke were either lies or an elaborate scheme to get the band some more attention. The rumors were false and Bloc Party is apparently in the studio and working on an album set for release later this year. This breaks the three-year hiatus they went on after releasing 2008's Intimacy.

I, admittedly, believed the rumors, especially since they came at the same time as a new EP from Okereke's side project. As scary as the idea of the band breaking up was, it was even worse to think that they would try to replace Okereke, that would be impossible (well, technically possible, but the results couldn't possibly be any good). Thankfully, neither is the case and we will soon see new material from this amazing band!

Bloc Party retrospective:

"Like Eating Glass" from Silent Alarm (2005)

"Hunting for Witches" from A Weekend in the City (2007)

"Mercury" from Intimacy (2008)

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