Monday, January 16, 2012

New Music Tuesday - 01/16/2012

The Big Pink - Future This

The Big Pink made a pretty big splash with "Dominoes" and the album A Brief History of Love about two and a half years ago. The album had a sexy, confident and almost hedonistic vibe to. For their sophomore release, while their sound is the same, the lyrics seem more personal, and they take a somewhat inspirational tone. I don't think the lyrics work as well with the music, but it's still a great listen.
"Stay Gold"

Shawn Lee - Tabla Rock

At one point of time, about then years ago, mixing soul, funk and electronic was something innovative. Today, however, not so much. Shawn Lee sweetens the pot a little bit by adding more bells and whistles. Although he builds on a now-familiar trope, his sound is considerably more eclectic. The man has a lot of side projects beyond being a solo artist, this release is being billed under Shawn Lee's Tabla Band.

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