Monday, March 12, 2012

Protest Radiohead!

It's no secret that the members of the Westboro Baptist "Church" are a little wacko, if not outright disrespectful. They've protested countless military funerals in the name of protesting homosexuality, threatened protests of funerals for victims of terrorist attacks (they were told they would pretty much be arrested on spot if they showed up in Norway, however). They have also held real and threatened protests of the funerals of famous public figures for real and perceived moral failings.

Seems, however, that they've gotten sick of the funeral scene and have now taken to protesting concerts! Their first target? Radiohead! Apparently, their main attack on the band was for producing "mediocre" music...I guess they fell on the negative side of the divide over The King of Limbs.

It's pretty ridiculous. I almost wonder if they've finally realized how not seriously the world takes them and have decided to give up any semblance of seriousness in their mission.

"Creep" (I think it's a fitting song to describe these people)

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