Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

I was reminded recently why the classic British actors are still among the most rewarding to watch.

The movie follows seven British retirees as they attempt to escape the current lives and live out their golden years in a more exotic place. They find an advertisement for a beautiful community in Jaipur, India, run by the endlessly optimistic Sonny, played by Dev Patel. They all have their various reasons for going. Evelyn (Judi Dench) is a recent widow who has never traveled or lived her own life. Graham (Tim Wilkinson) grew up in India and is seeking out an old friend. Muriel (Maggie Smith) is a racist former maid in need of a new hip and nowhere else to go to get one. They, along with two singles and a married couple, learn to adjust to their new lives in an unfamiliar country, some embracing the change more than others.

As I implied in my opening sentence, all of the talent in this film are absolute pleasures to watch onscreen. It helps that the older actors in the movie have been doing this for decades and are all highly-regarded in their craft. Maggie Smith and Judi Dench stood out for me, they are both among my favorites (who doesn't love them some M and Prof. McGonagall). Only Smith could make a line like, "He can wash all day, but that color's not coming off," sound almost charming. It's a great film and a must-see if you like any of the actors even a little bit.

Soundtrack suite (all music by Thomas Newman):

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