Monday, September 17, 2012

Frank Ocean on SNL

"Saturday Night Live" had its 38th season premier on Saturday and, for the most part, it was it's typical good-to-mediocre fare (though, they finally replaced Fred Armisen's tired Obama impression with the much better Jay Pharoah).

One stand-out on the show, however, were the performances given by musical guest Frank Ocean. I hate to use this word, usually, but it was dope! John Mayer even put aside his own ego and joined Ocean on stage to play backing guitar. Hate to say this, but he was damned good, as well. Nice to know such a young artist already has friends in high places!

One thing I love about Ocean is that he has done away from all of the typical pretense of being an R&B singer. It's not all about being in the club and mackin' on all the foine ladies. He seems like your standard post-teen who plays video games in his mom's basement and has trouble talking to girls (or guys). He seems that much more genuine than almost any other R&B crooner out there.

It looks like SNL is going to have some good musical guests this year with Mumford & Sons lined up for next week!

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