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The Twilight Sad & Frightened Rabbit in Cincinnati

When: March 26, 2013
Where: Bogart's (Cincinnati, OH)

The Show:

Up until 2013, the Scottish band Frightened Rabbit was one of those bands that I was familiar with and had heard a few songs from, but none that I could really sing from heart. When they released last year's amazing Pedestrian Verse, I had a new band obsession. And when they stopped in Cincinnati for their tour shortly after, I knew I couldn't pass it up! So, I grabbed a couple of friends, headed down to Clifton, Cincinnati and enjoyed an incredible show.

Fellow Scots The Twilight Sad opened for the band and did a great job warming up the crowd. While their music may not be as immediate as Frightened Rabbit's (or, at least, as Pedestrian Verse), they share a similar dark aesthetic and thick Scottish accents with the main act. While I've been a big fan of theirs for several years and really enjoyed their set, my favorite moments were when they were speaking and throwing around colorful curse words. Notably, feck and shite were used a lot (I'm sure you can guess what those correspond to on this side of the pond).

James Graham, lead singer

After The Twilight Sad finished playing, it was time for the main act. While Frightened Rabbit's sound can come off fairly subdued in recordings, they bring in a lot of energy in their live performances. They weren't as talkative as their opening act, but made up for it by really rocking out. Even when playing some of their older songs, they were able to make them just as exciting to listen to as the songs from their new record. I'm always impressed by any band that can do that!

The whole band!

Mini Setlist:

The Twilight Sad - "I Became a Prostitute"
The Twilight Sad - "Sick"
Frightened Rabbit - "The Modern Leper"
Frightened Rabbit - "The Woodpile"

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