Monday, June 2, 2014

Vocal Ranges

I came across this interactive infographic last weekend, which shows the vocal ranges (along with examples) of some of pop and rock music's most notable vocalists. The chart bases the ranges on recordings of each artists, selecting songs showcasing their lowest and highest notes of all their recordings.

Many of the entries offer no surprise; of course, Mariah Carey has hit some of the highest notes and Johnny Cash is among the lowest. It's the range showcased by certain artists, though, that provides the most interesting entries. Cash isn't actually the lowest on the list, that honor goes to Axl Rose, which Cash way down in 10th after Elvis Presley, Roger Daltrey and even John Lennon. Axl Rose also is within the top five for highest notes hit, giving him the greatest range on the list

Of course, the chart does not show all artists, it focuses on some of the more popular singers over the past half-century. It would be interesting to see the same list with a more-inclusive sampling of artists, spanning more genres.

Lowest Note: Guns N' Roses - "There Was a Time"
Highest Note: Mariah Carey - "Emotions"

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