Sunday, August 9, 2015

Escobar: Paradise Lost

Director: Andrea De Stefano
Writers: Andrea De Stefano, Francesca Marciano
Stars: Benicio Del Toro (Pablo Escobar), Josh Hutcherson (Nick), Claudia Traisic (Maria), Brady Corbet (Dylan)

This movie accurately references many events leading up to Pablo Escobar's incarceration, but does so through the lens of fictional characters. While this movie's name references the infamous drug dealer, it focuses much more closely on the character of Nick and his relationship with Escobar and his family. Nick is a Canadian man who has moved to Colombia with his brother to start a surfing business. There, he meets and falls in love with Maria, who just happens to be the niece of Escobar. Escobar takes a liking to Nick and begins to consider him a part of the family, but both Nick and Maria come to realize how dangerous it can be to be close to El Patrón.

While, for me, the story fell a bit flat, it was lead by an absolutely incredible performance from Del Toro and a better-than-expected showing from Hutcherson!

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