Tuesday, May 10, 2016

R.I.P., Prince

This is, of course, not intended to be breaking news, just my chance to eulogize a great artist.

2016 sealed its status as seemingly the worst year for the deaths of celebrated and established musicians when Prince passed away on April 21. This was a death I didn't believe at first, initially thinking it was just another celebrity death hoax. Prince has always seemed to ageless, it was hard to believe that he even could die.

His career spanned back four decades, he almost never went a year without a new album from 1978 through just last year. He was perhaps best known for a string of hits through the 80s, though he maintained an iconic status, even while known as an unpronounceable symbol into the 90s, and through a modest resurgence in the aughts.

As did the death of David Bowie earlier this year, Prince's passing has inspired a wide range of covers performed or recorded in tribute. Artists as diverse as Mac DeMarco, Chris Cornell, and Beyoncé have offered up their own takes of his most iconic songs. It's a reminder of just how far-reaching his music had become.

Goodbye Prince, you will be greatly missed!

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