Friday, July 1, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

With a name like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., you'd expect either a really goofy band or annoying NASCAR-loving country music. With this band, you get neither. While they have a quirky on-stage aesthetic, their music is more down-to-earth.

I had the chance to see them here in Cincinnati (technically in Covington, KY) and it was an amazing show for so many reasons.


I met some people that I hope to have the chance to hang out with again and a minor celebrity! The show also featured two amazing opening acts, local band The Seedy Seeds and Detroit band Phantasmagoria.

The Seedy Seeds presented an interesting mix of canned beats and banjo, which was entirely unexpected and surprisingly good.

"Verb Noun"

Phantasmagoria (amazing name, right?) had a synthy pop sound reminiscent of Crystal Castles, except with less screaming.

Video for "Bats!" (can't embed)

The main act then came out in a way befitting their name as well as the title of their debut album, It's a Corporate World. The came on stage all wearing NASCAR jackets and took them off to reveal business suits.

They had a great show that even featured audience participation. I got to get on stage, don a skeleton mask and sing along to one of their songs!

"Nothing But Our Love"

Great show and I'm 75% certain that one of the members is part of the new Free Credit Report band.

Free Credit Report
This guy.

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