Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Walk on Water

submarine movie-poster

I mentioned Alex Turner's excellent soundtrack for the independent film, Submarine a few months ago. Last week, I decided to see the movie at a local theater that specialized in independent and foreign films.

The movie is excellent! It's a "coming of age" film about a young man, Oliver, whose has dual goals of losing his virginity and keeping his mother from sleeping with the creepy new neighbor. He succeeds at one and only half succeeds at the other; I'll let you guess which (or see the movie, which you should).

The movie stars Noah Taylor, the dad from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, looking surprisingly haggard, Paddy Considine as the creepy neighbor and amazing early starts from Craig Roberts as Oliver and Yasmin Paige as the object of his affections.

Definitely a must see! And get the soundtrack, too!

"Stuck on a Puzzle"

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