Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ok, NOW I'm into The Antlers

The Antlers first gained a lot of attention in the indie rock sphere for their 2009 album Hospice. The album was highly conceptual, telling the story of an emotionally abusive relationship. I listened to the album a few times, but could never understand the full extent of the hype around it (though I suppose it could be summed up in one word...Pitchfork). I found it a bit boring.

Nearly two months ago, the band released a highly-anticipated follow-up, Burst Apart. I gave it a tentative listen, largely expecting more of what was present on Hospice. It was better, though...much better. It's not a concept album, but many of the same themes are present throughout the record. It's lush sounding and has some amazingly beautiful melodies. I've found myself listening to it almost everyday over the past couple of weeks and, something that rarely happens, listening to it more than once a day.

The stand out track may just be "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" (posted below)!

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