Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Music Tuesday - 07/19/2011

Amy LaVere - Stranger Me
Stranger Me
When I started listening to Amy Lavere about four years ago, it set me off on an Americana kick that was never fully satisfied. She is, by far, my favorite in the genre and I'm happy that she's back. A lot of her past work has been very singular-sounding, like she was the only one performing on the record. This new album, has a fuller sound with more instrumentation. Thankfully, the lyrics still have that haunting quality and her vocals are as delicate as ever.
"Damn Love Song"

Fink - Perfect Darkness
Perfect Darkness
I also got into this artist about four years ago, also drawn in by a simple, understated sound. His music is sparse and emotional, but he has a very interesting way of expressing himself. I love his quote explaining the album's name, that the album is not "a collection of songs about being dumped or ships leaving meadows or whatever it is people think folk’s supposed to be nowadays, [it] is not that at all."
"Perfect Darkness"

Other Releases:
Twin Sister - "Bad Street"

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