Saturday, September 3, 2011

I somehow forgot about this

In all of my excitement about visiting the Music City in late July, I forgot to post on the main reason for the trip. I had traveled to Nashville, TN to see one of my new favorite bands, Royal Bangs.

The band has released three albums (the first being with Patrick Carney's record label, Audio Eagle), but are only now starting to get some real attention. That said, the crowd at their show, at The End, was still very small. I had been unsure of whether to go to the show, but a local friend who saw them at SXSW earlier this year had nothing but praise for their live show and convinced me to go.

The venue itself is tucked away and kind of hidden. I had done a drive-by earlier, when it was light out, to make sure I could find it and drove past it a few times before seeing it. Thankfully, that made it a lot easier to find it that night. The place is a little sketchy-looking, to be honest, but there was something charming about the dive-bar aesthetic. I especially loved the glow-in-the-dark wall with the names of numerous bands (both major and more underground) on one of the walls. I would say that these were the names of bands that had performed there, but I doubted some of the acts they listed.

Probably mostly due to the time that has passed since the show, I don't really remember much about the opening acts. I know I didn't hate them, but apparently they didn't stand out much either. I do remember that the girl on keyboards for the first act was wearing a really ill-fitting dress and badly needed a bra, and that the lead singer of the second band had a strong David Byrne feel to his stage presence (meaning: awkward dancing).


The main act was incredible though. The band is very young and does have a long way to go in terms of stage presence. Despite their youth, however, they are incredible musicians and songwriters. The show was simple, disappointingly short, but overall enjoyable. I apologize for not having more details, it was a little while ago. Just know that this is definitely a band to check out when you get the chance.


That pretty much capped off my incredible weekend in Nashville. The perfect end to some time in the Music City!

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