Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cloud Nothings at MOTR Pub

I should have known better than to stand in the very front for a punk show at a small venue, but the spot was open and I took it! Cloud Nothings put on an incredible show though, well worth the ringing in my ears over the next couple of days.

Up close and personal as Dylan Baldi sets up.

They're still young, soon he'll have so many pedals, he'll need to attach them to a board!

If that guy to the right of the picture looks like he's going crazy, it's because he was...the whole night!

Had to give the bass some love (no one ever does).

More love! Also, the drummer's kinda awesome in this picture.

Everything's moving so fast, but the guitar stays still...true talent.

Time to play!

Mini setlist:

"Fall In"


"No Future/No Past"

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