Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jack White's World Record

Strange news came out this week. Apparently, a few years ago, Jack White tried to set the record for the shortest concert when he was The White Stripes were still a thing.

The concert occurred in St. Newfoundland, Canada. Jack and Meg set up, look at each other, play one note, then thank the audience and leave the stage. Unfortunately for Jack, The organization behind the Guinness Book of World Records felt that the feat could become too trivialized to be included in their books. Jack wasn't too happy about that.

This got me thinking of what other music-related records are currently being recognized by Guinness, so I looked up some records on their website. Here are some of my favorites.

Song Sung in the Most Languages

"Earth Passport" by Liquid Blue, sung in nine languages.

Most No. 1 Music Videos

Madonna, with nine number 1 music videos on the US Music Video Chart.

"Like a Prayer"

Most Hit Records by a Royal

Princess Stephanie of Monaco, who has had several hit records in Europe with the album Rendez-Vous.

Jack White may have a chance yet to be included among these musicians. The Guinness organization has challenged Jack to set a very different record, the most metaphors in a given concert. A strange record, sure, but good luck to Mr. White on setting it!

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