Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sharon van Etten at Mayday

The Rundown

I guess it's pretty obvious by now that Sharon van Etten is one of my absolute favorite artists. I went to see her with a friend this past weekend at Mayday bar in Northside and it wasn't the first time I had seem her perform live. I first saw her last year at the MusicNow festival and then a couple of months ago in Columbus. She puts on such a great show that it's always a pleasure to see her live. I'm also starting to get a sense of how she is growing as a musician, which is a reward in itself.

Her opening act Friday night was a band names Flock of Dimes, who I didn't think I had heard of. While performing, I mentioned to my friend that the band sounded a bit like Wye Oak with club beats. Little did I know...that's essentially what they were! Flock of Dimes is Wye Oak lead singer's Jenn Wasner's solo project. Hers is easily one of my favorite voices in indie rock, it works great in this project as well!


Re-use-a-palooza, as seen on the way to the venue...I'm intrigued!

Instruments sitting around waiting for the band.

Hipster disco party!

You know you're going to get something interesting when one band member plays the computer!

Hair band!

Sharon with her omnichord!

Another interesting instrument...the harmonium!

Mini setlist:

Flock of Dimes - "Prison Bride"

Flock of Dimes - "Icy"

Sharon van Etten - "Leonard"

Sharon van Etten - "A Life of His Own"

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