Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hi Custodian

Video albums have become really popular over the past couple of years. I profiled a few them (from Bon Iver, PJ Harvey and TV on the Radio) and a few months back. Currently, Sigur Rós, is mounting a similar project, though some songs from their recent Valtari release are getting multiple videos.

Dirty Projectors are taking a slightly different approach to the video album. For their Hi Custodian mini-movie, they are not making distinct videos for each song on the Swing Lo Magellan album. Rather, they are incorporating the songs, broken into clips and pieces into a larger storyline. The movie was directed by Dirty Projectors frontman, David Longstreth.

I'm not 100% what the storyline is meant to be exactly. There's a man on his deathbed, hot girls in bikinis, and a group of religious leaders. It's about as weird as your average music video these days, but is still pretty interesting.

The film debuted in NYC on September 6, and was released online the next day.

Although the film itself doesn't play any songs from the album in full, a couple of the songs have gotten their own videos, including parts of the visuals used in the film. Watch them both below!

"Gun Has No Trigger"

"About to Die"

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