Saturday, July 9, 2016

Upcoming Album of the Week (Ending July 9)

This has been a tough week, and it's been difficult to find the right way to respond to these types of events. I find it easy to just be numb and distract myself with work, video games, or blogging. I'm realizing however, the need to take some sort of action, even if it's just showing up. At the same time, I think it's important to spend time doing things that bring you joy. Music, and writing about it, is something that I love, so I will keep at it!

Don't mean to be a downer; check out my Upcoming Releases and whatnot.

This week, Venezuelan producer Arca announced and released a new album, Extrañas.

Arca got his start fairly recently, but has made a big impact and worked with a few other young and bright artists like fka twigs and Kelela. He released his debut, Xen, in 2014 and followed it up last year with Mutant.

In February of this year, he announced a third album, Reverie, but gave no other details on its release other than an accompanying teaser. It appear that this album is a distinct collection of songs than the previously-announced Reverie, which is still slated for release later this year.

Extrañas is out now.

Also announced this week:

Crocodiles - Dreamless (October 21)
LNZNDRF - Green Roses (August 5)
Pixies - Head Carrier (September 30)
Thom Sonny Green - High Anxiety (August 19)
Toro y Moi - Live from Trona (August 5)

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